Friday, February 23, 2007


Wanna know some things I know ?

If you put Vaseline (or better yet Blistex) on your lips, the wet your toothbrush and brush your lips, they become smooth and soft (if they are chapped)

Never let a novice take your picture...especially with THEIR camera (with your camera you can delete mistakes!)

If you put a little bit of loose powder on your lips before you put on your lipstick, the lipstick lasts longer and doesn't come off easily :)

All you really need is lipstick I think ...let me know if I am wrong

If you use the Avon Silicone glove lotion (for hands), on your feet, your feet don't dry out in the winter and your heels don't get rough!

Pumice stones are the best but get the pink hand held from Victoria Secret. You won't be sorry

If you go into Express Women, you see a lot of women shopping. If you go into Express Men you see a lot of women shopping with their boyfriends/husbands in tow lol!

Cocoa butter works just as well as ANEW or Clinque moisturizing lotion for your face

Less Carbs (especially sweets, bread and pasta) = faster weightloss

Drink lots of water because everything works better

Still searching for the best Leave In conditioner for my hair, but I am thinking the Carrot oil lotion is as close to anything I am ever going to think is perfect.

Toothpaste on (dries them out)

Vitamin E lotion makes scars go away fast. Its a must have

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