Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was really impressed by this movie and by the men's bodies in the movie. It is very interesting for me because the actors don't really look like the characters that they play.

Here are the production notes for the getting in shape.
It inspired me to be more forceful with my own working out

Getting Into Shape

Zack Snyder's vision involved turning lazy, doughy actors into fierce-looking fighters with six-packs for armor, a transformation that took months of grueling physical conditioning--not computer magic. “There is a little bit of makeup,” concedes Snyder, “but 99 percent of it was sweat. The bodies are all theirs.”

Embarking on "300" in “really bad shape,” Gerard Butler began working with a personal trainer three months before the official pre-production training sessions began, working two hours a day, six days a week with weights, cardio, running and circuit training.

“I wanted to be that guy where my men would look at me and go, ‘Yeah, I would follow that.' And the audience would look at Leonidas and go, ‘I can see why they would follow that.' And I would be feeling like, 'Of course they're going to follow me.' I wanted to see that in their eyes when I was speaking to them.”

“I had the guys train really hard,” acknowledges Snyder, who hired mountain climber and trainer Mark Twight to condition the actors and stuntmen as he does the military operatives, pro martial artists and endurance athletes at his private gym in Utah. “Zack wanted me to turn them into a gang that had been fighting together since they were children and have that come across on camera,” notes Twight.

“They needed to interact and share some suffering to understand what being a Spartan was all about. Obviously they had to look good because their main costume was leather underpants and a red cape. Whatever we made them look like was going to be their costume. But the look was a by-product. We trained for actual physical and psychological capacity.”

Spartans standing in front of pile of dead.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Astinos (Tom Wisdom, third from left), Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his Captain (Vincent Regan) look toward the distant Persian encampment as a wall of the day's dead rises behind them.

Twight worked with Butler and the stunt team in Los Angeles, “and then we had seven weeks of fight training and physical conditioning before they rolled film.” Using rowing machines and basic equipment like barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettle bells, Twight would put the men through circuit and tag team workouts.

“One guy has to drag a tire 50 meters; another guy does pull ups on the rings until the drag is finished. One round means every guy has rotated through every station one time and the idea is to do five rounds.” They were timed, and “sometimes there were penalties—holding a squat position up to full extension with weights, or maybe a 50-meter lunge. Something painful.”

Adding to the torture, Twight put his charges on a calorie-restricted diet, “which is why they look all sinewy and ropy—it’s all muscle and there’s no fat there.” The diet “was 30 percent protein, 40 percent complex carbohydrates, 30 percent fat; some people got more or less food, depending on what needed to happen.”

Vincent Regan, who plays Captain, “needed to lose 40 pounds,” Twight relates. “He came to us weighing 210. Eight weeks later he was 170 and could dead-lift 355 pounds. He was absolutely dedicated to the program, and did extra on his own time. After being in Montreal for a month he went to pick his wife up at the airport and she didn’t recognize him.”

Butler was into it too, working out constantly on the set between takes. “I was probably pumping between ten and fifteen times a day, sometimes before every shot. The more you trained the more that you wanted to train because the more you appreciated it. Every session that I did, every bit of pain that I went through, the more I felt like a Spartan and the more that I would push myself."

Friday, April 20, 2007

As women get older and older they need to soften up their makeup. Wear much less and more neutral colors. Stronger colors make you look harsh and older.
Neutrals make you look fresher and younger.

Unfortunately a lot of women tend to wear more makeup in an
attempt to cover blemishes and lines.
The result is not what they were looking for.
Lauren came up with her own line of cosmetics and I really think that women should take her advice.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Weight Issue or An Inside Deal?

I was talking to someone about overweight and fat and losing weight and it stayed on my mind. One thing that came out of the conversation was that some overweight people are extremely sensitive to any reference to their weight. I don't necessarily understand that extreme sensitivity.
I wondered if the reason for that extreme sensitivity and the fact that one comment can devastate an overweight person so much, is because when it comes down to it, by acting devastated, maybe they (the overweight) think that the person making the comment is right, and that that person knows everything about them (the overweight person) and knows what they're (the overweight person) about.
That doesn't make sense to me.
To give over your power so much to people.
Just ANY random person can make a comment about weight if you are overweight and your world falls apart.
No way!
There is 'something more' going on there...That 'SOMETHING MORE' is not the responsibility of others around the overweight.
That is something that needs to be healed from the inside.
So cutting oneself off from people for fear that they will say something (even something constructive), or think something, or look at you, or anything about your really non-productive.
That being said, it must be a struggle to get into the mode of RIGHT THINKING, but it needs to happen regardless of how hard it is.....
Body Image and Self Image
Body image and self image are pet issues of mine.
I taught 'Nutrition' and 'Food and Society', and as such I had to teach about healthy eating and body image.
I had the students (college students) write a journal which would be graded, and one of the exercises I had them do was interview a classmate about how they viewed their body.
I drew up a list of 20 question and the interviewer was assigned a classmate to interview. The interviewer then had to analyse the answers given and tell me if they thought that the person they interviewed was telling the truth about thier body and self image, or if they really should not have given the answers that they gave.
The results were a little bit disturbing to me.

There was one student that was interviewed (we will call her Annie), who was overweight, but clearly from what I knew from her, very smart, active, funny etc. The person who interviewed her (Dana), wrote that Annie felt good about herself as a person and saw herself as beautiful. Dana's analysis of the answers stated that she felt that Annie was lying. She stated that there was no way that Annie could ever feel beautiful because of the way she looked.
I looked at the interview for Dana.
Although Dana was less overweight a person than Annie, her own interview reflected how horribly she saw herself. By extension she expected a heavier person to feel worse.
Some of the more traditionally beautiful students also seemed to have poor self and body image.
Among the guys, there seemed to be just as much uncertainty as among the women. I was surprised about this fact. Shorter guys wanted to be taller and more muscular. Those guys who had a good body image did not necessarily have a good self image.
Those students who had a good self and body image, seemed to be more involved in extra curricular activities where they had an opportiunity to express themselves or be a part of a supportive group.
In a society where "Thin is in", body and self image tend to get incorrectly combined. We need to address this in proactive ways. The Dove Campaign is one such campaign geared toward this. It's effectiveness however is still in question.

Wanna know some things I know ?

If you put Vaseline (or better yet Blistex) on your lips, the wet your toothbrush and brush your lips, they become smooth and soft (if they are chapped)

Never let a novice take your picture...especially with THEIR camera (with your camera you can delete mistakes!)

If you put a little bit of loose powder on your lips before you put on your lipstick, the lipstick lasts longer and doesn't come off easily :)

All you really need is lipstick I think ...let me know if I am wrong

If you use the Avon Silicone glove lotion (for hands), on your feet, your feet don't dry out in the winter and your heels don't get rough!

Pumice stones are the best but get the pink hand held from Victoria Secret. You won't be sorry

If you go into Express Women, you see a lot of women shopping. If you go into Express Men you see a lot of women shopping with their boyfriends/husbands in tow lol!

Cocoa butter works just as well as ANEW or Clinque moisturizing lotion for your face

Less Carbs (especially sweets, bread and pasta) = faster weightloss

Drink lots of water because everything works better

Still searching for the best Leave In conditioner for my hair, but I am thinking the Carrot oil lotion is as close to anything I am ever going to think is perfect.

Toothpaste on (dries them out)

Vitamin E lotion makes scars go away fast. Its a must have