Friday, February 23, 2007

A Weight Issue or An Inside Deal?

I was talking to someone about overweight and fat and losing weight and it stayed on my mind. One thing that came out of the conversation was that some overweight people are extremely sensitive to any reference to their weight. I don't necessarily understand that extreme sensitivity.
I wondered if the reason for that extreme sensitivity and the fact that one comment can devastate an overweight person so much, is because when it comes down to it, by acting devastated, maybe they (the overweight) think that the person making the comment is right, and that that person knows everything about them (the overweight person) and knows what they're (the overweight person) about.
That doesn't make sense to me.
To give over your power so much to people.
Just ANY random person can make a comment about weight if you are overweight and your world falls apart.
No way!
There is 'something more' going on there...That 'SOMETHING MORE' is not the responsibility of others around the overweight.
That is something that needs to be healed from the inside.
So cutting oneself off from people for fear that they will say something (even something constructive), or think something, or look at you, or anything about your really non-productive.
That being said, it must be a struggle to get into the mode of RIGHT THINKING, but it needs to happen regardless of how hard it is.....

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WMS said...

I'm not sure if I understand what you are recommending that overweight people do... about changing their self-perception and about changing their bodies or both or one or the other? Are they they same thing or different things? Your second article seems to say that self-image and body-image are different. But are they inter-connected? Is that what you are saying? I'm confused by this post.